«The biggest limitation in the digitization process is education». Federico Golla, CEO and President of Siemens in Italy, explains the ideal approach that a country should have to exploit the potential of big data and the digitization process. However, failure in educating to these new themes, represents a barrier for citizens to understand that we need information technology, rather than contributing to its development: «The data itself is part of human heritage, I would not be so scared», says Golla.

Federico Golla entered Siemens in 1981, and became head of the Division Medical Solutions in 1982. After working in Germany as head of marketing and sales for the North American market in the Automation & Drives sector, he came back to Italy in 1999 and became business developer of the energy and transport sectors. Since April 2009 he is CEO of Siemens S.p.A and Siemens Holding. In January 2014, in addition to his CEO role, he became president of Siemens S.p.A.
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