Financial planning is an activity that allows an individual or a family to manage their money in a period of time and, to a greater or lesser extent, meet personal needs like buying a house, paying for children's education or purchasing health care. A family’s financial planning is based on an analysis of its data, such as the number of family members, their age, risk factors, revenue, expenses and assets.

After examing this data the next step is to make a list of priorities: the purchase of a home, children’s expenses, health care, and preparing for the unexpected. Since the main objective of financial planning is to increase capital and maintain necessities, there are two factors to consider: the inherent risk and the investment time. To make the necessary investments and therefore satisfy a family’s needs, it is essential to be aware of one’s financial options. With a supplementary pension, for example, you can acquire an investment ranging from mutual funds to life insurance policies and government bonds. When buying a house one has the option of taking out a mortgage or postponing the purchase until the necessary capital has been raised.

One needs to remember that although there are investments that can guarantee an annuity, these kinds of investments may in fact be very risky and an investor could suffer heavy losses. A financial advisor is recommended. This is a professional who advises and assists clients in choosing the most appropriate and beneficial investments. These consultant’s credentials and the quality of their service are guaranteed by ISO 22222.
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