«Fashion in Italy has been an unexpected phenomenon», this is how Giovanni Gastel, one of the most important fashion photographers in the world, talks about the arrival of fashion in Milan. He tells us how, during his distinguished career, he has been constantly striving to redraw an elegant world, «which allowed me escape from the passage of time». Photographs by Giovanni Gastel, especially his portraits, in fact, seem to resist the passage of time: «My photography is not markedly related to a moment».

The artistic vocation of Giovanni Gastel arrived at an early age: at 12 he joined an experimental theater company, where he played until he was 17. In parallel he cultivated a passion for poetry and at 16 he published a collection titled "Casbah". His first contact with photography occurred in the seventies: in 1975 he gets his first big breal at Christie's auction house. He entered the fashion world in 1981, thanks to a collaboration with Vogue Italy. From that period on, he worked with the most prestigious international trade publications. From 1996 to 1998 he was President of the Italian Professional Photographers, and in 1997 Milan’s Triennale dedicated him a solo exhibition with some two hundred photographs of him. In 2002, he won the Academy Award for photography, as part of the La Kore Fashion Oscars.
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