Golf is a sport that is played on a golf course arranged in a progression of 9 or 18 sections containing "holes ". The purpose of the game is to hit a ball weighing approximately 45 grams with a diameter of 4.3 cm into a hole of 11 cm in diameter. Each hole provides a certain number of strokes called "Pars ". Therefore holes are named Par 3 , Par 4 or Par 5 . The starting point for each hole is called thet"Tee Box", while the place where the hole is located is called the " putting green". Along the golf course there are also various obstacles and areas of differing terrain including the fairway, roughs and hazards. The tools that are used to hit the ball are called " clubs " , there are three types : woods for long distance fairway or tee shots , irons for medium and short shots and putters to sink the ball on the green. A full golf bag bag can hold up to a maximum of 14 different clubs. Various types of points can be scored. If you are able to sink the ball into a hole using the strokes designated for that hole , you enter into a Par. If you can do it in one stroke under Par, you score a "Birdie”.

Two strokes under par is called an "Eagle". A stroke over Par is called a " Bogey ". Two more strokes over par is called a "double bogey ". Professionals golfers play Par for the course, while amateurs use strokes called " Handicaps ". A golfer able to complete the course in as few strokes as possible minus their individual handicaps wins the game.The most important opponent in a game of golf is, in fact, the golfer himself and his willingness to improve his game. The “swing” is a technical term for the rotational movement the golfer makes with his golf club to hit the ball. For some, however, the swing takes on a deeper meaning.
The perfect swing is seen as a unique expression of the golfer’s soul. With one magniificent stroke, the golfer can align himself, his movement and his golf club with the nature that surrounds him a harmonious and perfect synthesis.
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