Amazon is one of the leading international e-commerce operators. Amazon operates through over 2 million sellers of books, CDs, DVDs, software, electronics and small appliances. Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, with an unusual business model. The company projected no profits for its first 5 years. This choice saved the company from failure due to the internet bubble. Amazon was one of the first major companies to sell products online. The company is famous throughout the world for its reduced time between order and delivery.

In 1994, Jeff Bezos was a successful manager on Wall Street with the regret of not having taken part in the birth of the first web company. Therefore, he decided to study a new market, one of goods that can be bought and sold online. He chose to focus on books. In 1994, he started the online library, Cadabra out of his garage. Bezos changed the name to Amazon because he wanted a name that started with the letter “A” so that it would appear first in lists. He also chose “Amazon” because it had an exotic sound.

Within two months, Amazon's sales were likely to generate revenues of $ 20,000 a week. In 1997, the company, based in Seattle, arrived on Wall Street and was able to survive, the bubble of the new economy a few years later, which also brought other successful companies. In 1999, Time magazine declared Bezos the "man of the year" in recognition of Amazon’s popular success in the e-commerce market. Over the years, the business expanded. In 2007, it launched its e-book reader, the Kindle. In 2013, Amazon bought the Washington Post. Amazon operates worldwide, with nearly 90,000 employees and more than ten sites translated into local languages. It is listed on the Nasdaq index on Wall Street. In 2013, the company had recorded sales of 74 billion dollars and a net profit of 274 million dollars.

In December 2013, Bezos announced Amazon’s intention of wanting to experiment with a new mode of delivery using drones that would be able to deliver a parcel in 30 minutes after it had been ordered online.
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