Scientists are forecasting a 30 mm rise in sea level each year, which will cause a retreat in shoreline of one meter per year.
The fastest eroding beach in Europe is the Holderness Coast, in England: it is 61 km long and it is shrinking by 2 meters each year.
Pattaya Beach, Thailand, in 1952 was 36 meters long. Today, it is 5 meters long, due to the resorts that were built along the bay.
In the past 50 years, the island of Singapore has grown by 20%, due to the increase in beaches: the sand is illegally taken from Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam.
Every year, around 180 tons of sand are used for industrial purposes, especially to produce cement.
The beach in Shark Bay, Australia, is entirely made of shells that reach a depth of 10 meters.
The beach of Fort Bragg, in California, is entirely made of smooth sea glass. Until the 60s it was a dump.
In the past 20 years, plastic waste, which abounds on beaches all around the world, has increased by 140%.
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