There was no clear winner by the last round of the 2007/2008 Series A championship. If they wanted the title, Inter would have to win on the road against Parma. At the start of the series, Inter was the reigning champion. After the championship title and the Calciopoli scandal, the 15th league title was won by beating several records with as many as 97 points. But with Juventus in Series A and AC Milan as champions of Europe, the season looked to be very balanced. At the kick-off on August 25th, 2007, the Italian champions tied 1 to 1 at home against Udinese. Inter did not reach the top until the sixth day, when their match against Roma, ended in their favor, with a score of 1 to 4. Inter hadn’t made many changes during the summer. However, Milan, Juventus, and Rome couldn’t keep up with their pace.On November 3rd, the much-anticipated challenge between Juve and Inter resulted in a tied score of 1 to 1. Ibrahimović was inspirational and Inter coach, Roberto Mancini, was always trying to win. Inter intended to close the gap that had put them at a disadvantage. They were able to do so on December 22, in the match against Milan. AC Milan scored at the beginning of the match; however, Cruz and Cambiasso were able to overturn the score with two goals for Inter. Inter became the Winter Champion with two games to spare. Soon, however, the controversy began: Inter beat Parma 3 to 2 and the referee was accused of favoring the Nerazzurri.

The same thing happened on February 9th, 2008, in Catania, after Cambiasso’s goal was ruled as offside. Inter led Rome on the 23rd day of the championship by 11 points. After two rounds, the Inter and Roma match was the last resort for the Giallorossi. Totti scored at the 38th minute, but two minutes from the end of the match, Inter’s captain, Javier Zanetti, scored and the match ended in an unexpected draw. Inter was in trouble. Ibrahimović was injured. They lost in Naples and at home against Juventus, with a score of 1 to 2. The team then flew to Rome and was four points from the lead.
Then, after four consecutive victories, the Nerazzurri moved to first place with a 6-point lead, 3 rounds from the end of the series.
But it wasn’t over yet: On May 4th, Inter lost its match against Milan, 2 to 1. One week later, Inter could not break the tie with Siena and the match resulted in a score of 2-2. Materazzi missed his penalty kick, thus putting Inter one point behind first place in the championship. On May 16th, Parma played against Inter and Catania played against Rome, with the two home teams fighting to avoid elimination. Rome was immediately in the lead before the interval. However, in Parma, in the 62nd minute, Zlatan Ibrahimović, who had recently returned, scored with a low shot from outside the box. Inter was able to defeat their fear and double the score, again with Ibrahimović. They became Champions of Italy for the 16th time in the team’s history.
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