Every day, more than 1500 videos of cats are posted on YouTube.
1998: GIKO appeared on the Internet, a cat drawn with special keyboard characters.
2000: the Bonsai Kitten issue started, a faked story that aroused the indignation of the Web.
2002: Tubcat was created, a site that gathered pictures of obese cats.
2005: the term ‘LOLcats’ was used for the first time, referring to pictures of cats captured in funny moments. A year later, LOLcats.com was created.
On April 1, 2006 the picture of a cat coming out from a hole in the ceiling became a meme.
June 7, 2007: the video Keyboard Cat is posted on YouTube. It has now reached 36 million views.
In 2008 icanhascheezburger.com, a web portal of LOLcats images, reached 2 million visitors per month.
Today it has more than twice as many visitors as the White House website.
The city that posts the highest number of cat pictures is New York. São Paulo and Singapore follow.
February 17 - the International Cat Day – is the date on which people post the highest number of cat pictures.
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