The olodest Movie Theatre is the eden Thèater: the film of the Lumière brother were screened her in 1899.
Drive-in theatres ar outdoor movie theatres in 1950: they were about 4,000 in the USA, today about 400.
The Cinema dei Piccoli in Rome is the smallest movie theatre in the world: 63 seats.
Last year, the global Box Office Revenue of movie theatres was about $36 billion.
On 12 december 2014, at the Kinostar De Lux in Khimki, Russia, 100 seats were replaced by 17 mini-duble bedrooms.
Madrid's Kinepolis is the largest cinema complex in the world 25 screens and 9,200 seats.
On 22 november 1963, in the Texas Theatre, Dallas, Lee Harvey Oswald, was arrested, the killer of John F. Kennedy.
"The power of love" was screened on 27 september 1922 at the Ambassador Hotel Theatre il Los Angeles using polarized glasses: it was the first 3D movie.
In the auditoriums of the Scarlet Theatre in Denver, Colorado, smoking marijuana is permitted.
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