Cloud Computing refers to technology which changes the customary ways of streaming, receiving and storing data. The Cloud operating mode allows users to forsake a physical infrastructure - such as a server - and use instead a virtual platform supplied by companies or organizations as a service.Cloud is mostly used as a web memory space. As such, Cloud allows a user to access
his data from any corner of the earth connected to the internet. The sustainability of a Cloud Computing model is guaranteed by companies offering physical spaces, computation power and bandwidth, with an elevated number of physical servers located in large structures called server farms. Cloud technology is mainly used for its “software as a service” or “software on demand”. This allows a user to access and use a software over the internet, without having to download it onto his computer.

The efficiency of Cloud technology is based, above all, on being able to interact with ever more efficient applications and a more rapid access to the service thanks to its online platform. Cloud platforms and applications allow a user to access and operate his own data in an autonomous way: all he needs is a device that can connect to the internet. Nowadays more and more companies are choosing Cloud Computing to cut IT costs whilst having access to high quality services and software. Cloud Computing was first hypothesized by the computer scientist John McCarthy during a public conference at MIT in 1961. McCarthy foresaw that the expanding server technology would eventually allow various kinds of services to be supplied just like a powerhouse supplies homes with electricity.
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