Enrico Castellani is an Italian artist, who has been active since the late 50s. His artistic path is of rare coherence, having the central idea remained constant in time: transforming the canvas surface into an alternated and rational system of lights and shadows. Enrico Castellani was born in Castelmassa, in the Italian province of Rovigo, on August 4, 1930. After having graduated in architecture in Brussels, he moved to Milan to work for a studio. He started visiting the artistic circles close to the Brera Academy and became friend with Piero Manzoni, with whom he founded the magazine ‘Azimuth’ in 1959 and the gallery of the same name: a double cultural working site that connected them to international environments.

Although his first works recalled the informal, already in 1959 Castellani made a paradigmatic work: nails and hazelnuts were placed on the front and the back sides of the canvas, which was therefore introflexed and extroflexed. This technique characterises his entire production, as if an extreme coherence took him to recreate always the same work of art, which is unique though infinite in all its variations. Enrico Castellani’s experience, which is based on the belief that art must be a reflection on art itself, is still ongoing today, through a careful process of systematic update that makes his works tirelessly contemporary.
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