Geckos are lizards or squamate reptiles, with enlarged heads, fleshy tails and unusually shaped extremities. There are hundreds of species in the Geckonidae family. Commonly found in tropical regions , they can also live in arid climates , but most species have adapted to environments inhabited by humans. They are small or medium size creatures, ranging on average from 14 to 30 cm, with some older gekkos stretching up to 50 cm. Their large eyes lack eyelids, but are instead protected by a transparent membrane that is kept lubricated by the Gecko passing its tongue over its eyes. The nocturnal species exhibit a wide range of patterns, but with muted colors, while the diurnal species possess brighter colors and eye-catching skin patterns. Geckos primarily feed on insects, but larger species can also hunt small mammals. While hunting, the gecko remains completely still, staring at its prey, before attacking decisively and rapidly. Recent studies have revealed the secret to the lizard’s extraordinary ability to climb and adhere to perfectly smooth vertical surfaces . Their toes are covered with millions of tiny bristles, and an intense electromagnetic force is generated between the lizard and the surface it is climbing. To let go, the gecko simply raises its toes, changing the angle of the bristles. Females lay 1 or 2 spherical , hard-shelled eggs, commonly laid beneath limestone. The eggs hatch after 70 or 100 days of incubation. In some species, reproduction occurs by parthenogenesis , in other words, without the need for fertilization of the eggs by a male. Gekos are common houseguests, clinging to walls . Its ability to eliminate insects makes it a welcome guest. But the gecko is also very noisy : it communicates using a wide range of lures that sound like chirps and croaks . Its name, in fact, is derived from the root of an Indonesian word, imitating the typical sound it makes: " geck - geck ."
Traditionally, the gecko is considered a symbol of undying friendship , strength and survival skills.
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