In 2013, the global hotel industry revenue was about 360 billion euros.
In 2013, around 77,000 teddy bears and over 7,000 copies of “Fifty Shades of Grey” were left behind in hotels.
The Izmailovo hotel in Moscow has the highest number of rooms: 7,500.
In 1968, the highest situated hotel was built in Nepal: the Everest View, at 3,880 meters.
The most expensive room service is in Helsinki: 70 euros.
The Royal Penthouse suite at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva is the most expensive in the world: 51,000 euros per night.
On February 14, 2008, New York’s Bryant Park Hotel featured a suite made of chocolate.
The website with the highest number of hotel reviews is Tripadvisor: over 60 million. 14,3 million reviews
Expedia 4 million reviews
35-49 years, the age group that most writes reviews: 45% of time.
25-34 years (30%)
50-64 years (22%)
18-24 years (3%)
The Timberline Lodge convinced Kubrick to change room 217 into 237 in the film Shining to avoid anxiety among guests.
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