3 October
In a NATO airstrike in Kunduz, Doctors Without Border (MSF) hospital was accidentally bombed: 22 people were killed.

5 October
United States
Twelve Pacific Rim countries - including the USA and Japan - reached an agreement on creating a free-trade treaty: the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

10 October
In Ankara, two explosions hit a peace rally protesting against the war between the government and the PKK: 106 dead and 245 wounded. It is the deadliest attack in the history of the country.

12 October
United States
US computer-manufacturing company Dell bought EMC Corp for $67bn, a US company that provides IT services: it is the biggest tech deal of all time.

15 October
Unites States
President Barack Obama announced the slowdown of troop withdrawal from Afghanistan: they will not leave the country by 2016, as planned.

16 October
The border with Croatia was closed to face the flow of migrants who wanted to enter the Schengen area: they will only be able to appeal for asylum to the government.

12 October
Aleksandr Lukashenko was re-elected for the fifth time as president with 83.5% of the vote. Voters were more than 86% of people entitled to vote.

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