Lorenzo Cherubini, known as Jovanotti, is an Italian singer-songwriter and rapper. Son to Mario Cherubini and Viola Cardinali, Lorenzo was born on 27 October 1966 in Rome but he also spent part of his childhood in Cortona, in Tuscany, where his family came from and where he moved to as an adult. Influenced by hip hop music, he started to become known working as a disc jockey. Fame came at the end of the 80s, when Claudio Cecchetto proposed him to work together. He worked as a TV host for Deejay Television and as a disc jockey for Radio Deejay. His career began with the release of the single Walking in 1987, but it’s with the album Jovanotti for President, in 1988, that he reached the top of the charts. Songs like E’ qui la festa? and Gimme Five
won the audience’s love and marked the diffusion of rap in Italy. In 1989 with the album La mia moto, he participated in Sanremo Festival. The album also contained a song called Vasco, dedicated to Vasco Rossi.

From the '90s Jovanotti’s production started to focus on pop and songwriting, always encompassing the different influences coming from the world music world. In these years he started naming his albums with his real name, Lorenzo, followed by the year of release. In 1994 he founded the label Soleluna: Lorenzo began a series of prestigious collaborations, ranging from Pino Daniele to Ben Harper. During these years he released some of his most famous hits: Ciao mamma, Una tribù che balla, Ragazzo fortunato, Penso positivo, L’ombelico del mondo. The album Lorenzo 1997 – L’albero marked an evolution in Jovanotti’s writing style: with Bella, dedicated to his future wife Francesca Valiani, he switched to a more romantic style, that was yet not very present in the fun-focused repertoire of the artist. 2000s mark another turning point in Jovanotti’s style, which became more and more linked to his social and political commitment, a path he had already taken in the 90s but that is now seen through the eyes of someone who is aware of the radical changes occurring in the new millennium. In 2010 he received a David di Donatello award for the song Baciami Ancora, soundtrack to Gabriele Muccino’s movie. His success is confirmed by the release of the albums Ora, in 2011, and Lorenzo 2015 CC. Author of successful books, Jovanotti is first and foremost a showman and his energetic and spectacular concerts are there to prove it, tour after tour.

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