The Mayan Horoscope is a technique of predicting the future that was first used in Central America around the first millennium BC. In fact, the Mayan civilization developed around 2000 BC near what is now known as modern Mexico. Historians credit the early Mayans with an innate expertise in the fields of science, mathematics and astronomy. The Mayans studied the stars, accurately tracking the movements of some planets and predicting celestial phenomena such as eclipses. They created different calendars: one, called Haab, which regulated daily life and agriculture, and another, called Tzolkin , which marked rituals and religious ceremonies. Lastly, the Mayans developed a timetable divided into 13 months of 28 days each for astrological predictions. The 13 months were associated with 13 animals that made up the Mayan horoscope. In Mayan culture, priests were entrusted with all scientific, astronomical and religious knowledge. These elements were considered parts of a single discipline. This knowledge was instrumental in regulating community activities, predicting the future and organizing many ceremonies in honor of the gods. The Mayan gods are varied but all are linked to the concept of time, both atmospheric and chronological . There is a god for the day and one for night , a god for each month and one for each day , a god for the sun , one for the sky, and one for storms and earthquakes.

Following the discovery of America by Europeans and because of the destructive nature of the Spanish colonies , the Mayan civilization was almost completely wiped out. Very little remains of its ancient traditions and information about them has become increasingly difficult to ascertain. Reliable evidence of the Mayan’s expertise in science, however, does exist. Consider this one example: the total solar eclipse of August 11th, 1999 took place only 33 seconds later than Mayan priests had predicted. It’s also been revealed that the Mayans divided the history of the world into five distinct eons: Air, Water, Earth , Fire and Gold. Each of these time periods was prophesized to end with an environmental catastrophe. According to the Mayans, until recently we had been living in the final eon, the Gold era. It ended on December 21st, 2012 .
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