According to historians, the oldest museum is the Ennigaldi-Nanna, dating back to 530 BC, which was organised by Princess Ennigaldi, daughter of the last king of Babylon.
Rome’s Capitoline Museums were the first to open to the public in 1471.
On its opening in 1824, London’s National Galley featured 38 paintings. Today, it preserves around 2,300 works of art.
Today there are about 55,000 museums in 202 countries in the world. The Vatican Museums are the most-visited museums during travels in Italy.
The most-visited museum in 2014 was the Louvre in Paris. Approximately 9.3 million people visited it: about 30% were foreigners.
The U.K. has the highest number of museums among the most-visited 100: 17, and all together they generate the highest number of entrance tickets in the world, around 38 million.
The city with the highest number of museums is Mexico City: 129 museums.
In Japan, entering a museum costs 6 euros on average. The Otsuka Museum of Art costs €22 and if features famous replicas.
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