30% of Internet traffic is porn related.
28.258 people per second watch online pornography. The Pornhub network alone has 1.68 million visitors per hour. A third of them are women.
The day of the week on which pornography is most watched is Monday.
The average age in which a porn video is watched online for the first time is 11 years old.
20% of Americans admit they watch pornography at work.
The U.S. is the largest pornography producer: a new film every 39 minutes.
60% of the Web porn hosts are in the United States.
On Google, 1 search out of 5 is related to sex and is made from a mobile device.
Le parole più digitate sui principali siti pornografici sono:
In California: Asian
In Finlandia: Mature
In Sudafrica: Hidden cam
In Cina: Japonese
In Italia: Italian
The most typed words on the main porn sites are:
In California: Asian
In Finland: Mature
In South Africa: Hidden cam
In China: Japanese
In Italy: Italian
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