Around 800 million people read digital newspapers; 2.5 billion people read them in print.
93% of all advertising revenues come from print.
Advertising revenues over the past 5 years: print -13%, digital +47%.
There are over 43,000 magazines in the world: advertising revenues amount to € 30,468,629.
The most read digital magazine in the world is ‘How it works’, 21.8% of the total.
Google holds the largest share on the online advertising market: 31.5% for a value of € 28.7 billion.
Facebook 5.9%
Yahoo! 3.4%
Microsoft 2.5%
Iac 1.3%
Aol 1%
Pandora 0.4%
Twitter 0.3%
People reading newspapers and magazines on mobile applications increased by 30% in a year.
In 2013, investments related to editorial contents for smartphones increased by 167%.
Applications (+120%)
Tablets (+94%)
Connected TV (+85%)
World Association of Newspaper And News Publishers (WANIFRA); E.Marketer; AdEx Benchmark; HuffingtonPost; Audit Bureau of Circulations
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