Raiders of the Lost Ark is a 1981 movie directed by Steven Spielberg, a film director who had already become popular thanks to box office hits like Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The movie starred Harrison Ford, who had just risen to fame with the Star Wars saga. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, Ford plays Indiana Jones, an archaeologist hunting for ancient treasures in exotic countries.

The story takes place in 1936, as Nazi agents are looking for the Biblical Ark of the Covenant. According to legend, the ark possesses extraordinary powers. The United States government wants Indiana Jones to get to the ark before the Nazis. Jones’ quest takes him to Nepal and then Egypt, where he discovers the ark’s ancient resting place. The Nazis, in hot pursuit, manage to get to the ark first. Finding the island where the Nazis have taken the ark, Jones tries to pose as a German soldier, but is caught.
Jones’ fate seems sealed, but when the Nazis open the ark, they inadvertently set free supernatural forces so powerful that they kill everyone who is watching. Jones saves himself by shutting his eyes when the Nazis open the ark.

Back in the US, the government considers Jones a hero. Only one question remains: where is the lost ark of the Covenant? The US government has decided that ark is too dangerous for anyone to possess. They hide it deep in a warehouse, never to be found. Raiders of the Lost Ark cost 20 million dollars to make, and earned almost 400 million. In 1982, it received 4 Academy Awards, for Best Sound, Best Film Editing, Best Art Direction and Best Visual Effects. Indiana Jones returned in three sequels, and became an icon synonymous with adventure and the pure joy of cinema.

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