The oldest operating amusement park – built in 1583 – is in Bakken, Denmark.
The first roller coaster were slides built on snow-clad hills in Russia (1700).
The highest roller coaster is the Kingda Ka in the Six Flags Great Adventure (USA) - 139m.
The fastest one is the Formula Rossa in Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World: 240km/h.
The one with the steepest drop is the Takabisha in the Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park, Japan: 121°
The longest one is the Steel Dragon 2000, in the Nagashima Spaland park, Japan: 2,470 meters.
The highest Ferris wheel in the world is the High Roller in Las Vegas: 168m.
The 3 most-visited parks in the world in 2014 were the Magic Kingdom (Florida, USA) with 19.3 million visitors, Tokyo Disneyland (Tokyo, Japan) 17.3 million, and Disneyland (California, USA) 16.7 million.
The Tokyo DisneySea is the most expensive theme park ever built¬: over 4 billion dollars. In 2014, together with Tokyo Disneyland, it declared a net profit of 687 million dollars.
The water park Aquaventure, on Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas, has a transparent tube that plunges through a lagoon full of sharks.
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