«I do not feel glory over me, at most I passed through moments of glory». Dino Zoff is the captain of the Italian team in the 1982 World Cup, formidable goalkeeper and flag of Juventus for many years. He won everything, played till the age of 40 years and more. He tells us about where his silences come from and about his "meager" way of living life: «If you remove all the excuses and the trappings from the substance, things are simple and straightforward».

Dino Zoff still remains the oldest winner ever of the World Cup and is the only Italian that won, with the national team, both the European and world titles. Zoff cares about remembering his origins and his family. His approach to life and to the mistakes that people make comes from a strong sense of responsibility: «I assume that if I take a goal it means that I was not able to avoid it, not that that goal was unsavable. It’s useless to say if I did or if I did not do that».
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