«Do not expect your rights to be respected by simply asking». This is the approach to activism of Tawakkul Karman, a Yemeni journalist and politician, awarded the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize. «Human rights can only be achieved fighting on the front line», she says telling us how only a few people followed her at the beginning of her activist career, before many other Yemenis began to believe in her and in her battles.

At the 2004 Human Rights Conference Tawakkul Karman takes her niqab (semi-integral veil) off and invites other women to take theirs off. In 2005 she becomes the leader of the movement Female Journalists Without Borders and in 2011, during the Yemen popular uprisings, she organizes a series of students demonstrations against the dictator Saleh and his government. She is arrested and then released. Tawakkul Karman still continues to fight for the rights of her people and of the youths: «youths will continue fighting and will not lose hope in democracy».
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