Aquarius is an astrological sign crossed by the Sun from approximately January 20th to February 19th. Its name is derived from the astronomical constellation Aquarius which in Latin means "water carrier". Among the many myths associated with the sign, perhaps the most popular is the myth of Prometheus. Prometheus was a giant immortal. He was an expert in writing, medicine, architecture, metallurgy and pastoralism. His legendary philanthropy led to his teaching art to humans. Prometheus secretly stole fire from Olympus and brought it humans as a gift, so that they might warm themselves and use it to offer sacrifices to the gods.
His characteristics are consitent with those born under the sign of Aquarius: altruism, intelligence, mental agility, ingenuity and a desire for progress.

When Zeus, king of the gods, learned of Prometheus’s deceit, he instructed the god Hephaestus to chain the disobedient immortal to a rock at the edge of the world. In his fury, Zeus sent an eagle to feed upon the giant’s liver, thereby causing him eternal pain. Because Prometheus was an immortal, his liver would regenerate, ensuring that the eagle would always feed and that he would always suffer excruciating pain. Those born under the sign of Aquarius are known to possess an idealism that goes beyond convention. They become deeply remorseful when they realize they have violated the rules, and are hard on themselves and others.

The reason for why in art Aquarius is represented by a young man pouring water from a jug, is linked to an Egyptian myth that tells of a God who floods the river Nile by pouring water from a jar. The ancient Greeks, mesmerized by the story, replaced this God with their own, Ganymede. Ganymede was a handsome shepherd boy. Zeus was so enamored with him that he kidnapped Ganymede so that he might serve wine and ambrosia, the liquid of immortality, at the banquet of the gods. In a fit of jealousy, Zeus’s wife Hera expells the boy from Olympus. Zeus then transforms the shepeherd into the constellation Aquarius. Notable individuals born under the sign of Aquarius include the ingenious Italian physicist and inventor Alessandro Volta, the famous Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the progressive American president Abraham Lincoln.
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