Pisces is a sign of the Zodiac transited by the Sun from approximately February 20th to March 20th. Its name is derived from the astronomical constellation Pisces which in Latin means "fish". The myth associated with Pisces tells of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, who was strolling along the river along with her son Eros, when they were about to be attacked by Typhon, a fire-breathing monster. The goddess heard the beast approaching and recognized the danger so she asked Zeus for help. He transformed Aphrodite and her son into fish so they could dive in the river.

Much like the insightful and thoughtful Aphrodite, those born under the sign Pisces go out of their way to help others, often being unselfish and generous. Eros and Aphrodite found salvation in water, as such, the characteristics of the sign are as fluid and changeable as a liquid. Pisces live with intense emotions and have a personal vision of the world, based on intuition rather than on rationality.

Before they dive into the fast-flowing waters of life to indulge freely and openly in new experiences like a fish would, a Pisces uses caution. Eros and Aphrodite tied a rope around them so they wouldn’t get lost. This is represented in the iconography of the sign. The rope symbolizes a Pisces constant need for security. To honor their adventurous escape, Zeus chose to display them in the sky in the constellation. The fish in the traditional iconography represent the two facing in opposite directions, symbolic of an ambivalent sign, positioned on the border between winter and spring.

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