Taurus is a zodiacal sign, which the Sun transits from approximately April 21 to May 20. Its name is derived from the astronomical constellation of Taurus, which is Latin for ‘bull’. The myth associated to Taurus is the myth of Europa, the beautiful Phoenician princess with whom Zeus falls madly in love. To win the girl over, the king of gods transforms himself into a white bull with glowing horns, and approaches Europa while she is gathering flowers on the beach. The beauty and the mildness of the animal impress the princess, but when she gets onto its back, the bull starts running to the sea. The myth represents the character of the sign very well, which is calm and docile, but all of a sudden, if dominated by a passion, they show all their strength and determination. Zeus takes the princess to the island of Crete, he reveals himself in all his glory and seduces her.

The king of the island marries Europa and adopts her children, who were born after the union with Zeus: legislator Rhadamanthus, Sarpedon, ruler of Miletus, and Minos, the future king of Crete and later a judge in the underworld. Zeus, to remember the abduction and the mad love run, creates the constellation of Taurus. The sign corresponds to the central month of Spring, the one that is richest in fragrances and colours; Taureans are therefore considered sensitive to beauty and to the pleasures of the five sins. They love nature, which when they were born was fertile and blooming. Like the bull that works calmly in the fields, the sign tends to be slow and has no hurry to obtain what they long for. Among people born under the sign of Taurus are fascinating Italian actor Rodolfo Valentino, extravagant Spanish painter Salvador Dalí and the exceptional American jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald.

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